Padgett Swim School

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Basic training

. Duration:15 mins·. Price:$20

Stroke lesson

. Duration:15 mins·. Price:$20



water aerobics

. Duration:45 mins·. Price:Free


Opening hours

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Booking policy


3 reviews
  • Jana McClain·

    Just after two lessons ... The 15 minutes is well-spent for certain! Brooklyn makes sure my 3-year old granddaughter is comfortable and talks to her about interesting things to attempt to keep her mind off the task at hand. She is patient, kind and understanding while insistent. I'm encouraged and hopeful!

  • Lynette·

    Miss Rachel is awesome! She has so much patience with our 3 year old, energetic granddaughter!! After only 3 lessons, we can tell she will be a great swimmer thanks to Miss Rachel!!

  • Amber·

    I’ve been taking my son to swim lessons for over a year now. The instructors are incredible with kids of all ages. The swim method is so important to me, as a mom, to know that my son will know how to keep himself safe in a water emergency as well as simply learning the basic strokes and having tons of fun doing it! 10/10

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